Karya Komgraf 2 Euodia Louis

When I am being asked to visualize myself, yes, to become a Traveller/an Explorer is the answer. Basically, the concept of this artwork is inspired by my passion to become a Traveller. In this artwork, I visualized my self as “Dora The Explorer”. Which means I can explore any places, from land to the sea, and beyond. I chose nature theme as the background to make my concept more lively, besides that it also represents my desire to explore the world’s beauty other than cities and countries. I also put animals in this artwork to represents my interest to animals. So I can say most of the ideas in this artwork are taken from things really related to my self. Because for me, the real meaning of Self Visualization is to reflect the real you.

I would like to discuss about the steps that i took while making this art work. Firstly, just like what I said before, I try to find and discover myself, then I combine it with the visual ideas that I think would be an attractive artwork. Then, I looked for some references in some ideas boards such as Pinterest that helped me a lot in arranging the composition and the overall result based on my visualization. Then, I took a photo of myself with the style that I’ve just thought/planned before. And I started to make a rough sketch of the composition in a paper, and arrange them via digital, because I think it’s more effective and efficient since I can directly erase or change the faults. After that I gathered photos of nature, the forest animals, and the apparels related to my concept of the explorer, in this case, the beanie and the parka jacket. Long story short, I started to edit it with Photoshop with the knowledge and skills I learned from my lecturer and things I have done before with Photoshop.

Euodia Louis