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Isella Vega Octoberly
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She describes herself as creative, effective and responsible.. Graduated from Binus School of Design majoring Animation in 2012.

Portfolio concept:

Folklore is not popular because children are not familiar with it. But in fact, after conduct some experiments, graphic is not the main factor here. Children just love any kind of graphics.

One result of the analysis why folklore is not popular at this time is the products are less alluring to parents.

The solutions are :

1.Bring out folkslore stories into something interesting with modern visual style that can be accepted more widely by maintain its local and color mood.

2.Developing more interesting stories while maintaining key elements of the original story.

3.Adding secondary language to add value and more educative.

Of course, even this solution is not perfect, but I hope it can help to keep every good memories of folklore in the mind of our children in this modern era.