Analysis on Cultural Color in Traditional Textile and Culinary of Sumatera

Analysis on Cultural Color in Traditional Textile and Culinary of Sumatera

Mita Purbasari Wahidiyat

School of Design Binus University, KH. Syahdan no. 9, Jakarta 11480,

Analysis on cultural color is an approach to know color from cultural side. Unlike other color studies, which looks at the color for its psychological aspect, therefore this color research aimed to provide insight of local colors based on cultural. Johannes Itten’s theory of color provides a base of thinking in this research. The theory will be reflected into the cultures of Indonesia, and this time focusing on the island of Sumatera Island (Aceh Darusalam, Medan, Padang, Bengkulu, Palembang, Lampung). The research will examined cultural colors that are found in traditional culinary and textile, including traditional clothes, bridal apparel, and bridal decorations, because these products touch the people day to day and therefore forms an undeniable ties with the society, so they represents the identity of the culture itself. The colors is part of the users identity. Research method is qualitative, covers collecting data from literature, interview the experts (historians and art practisioners), visiting cultural centers especially the ones associated with textile and culinary. The outcome of the research will be presented in a form of morphological matrix cultural on color. Matrix of analysis will be held in argument and study proposal, where students can utilize, cultivate, and maximize the practise of color in visual communication to achieve harmony and unity.

Keyword: culture analysis, local color, morphological matrix.

Published: Prosiding: Opportunity & Challenge on Creative Industuries in The Era of Global Free Trade, icci 2015, ITS Surabaya


Mita Purbasari