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Jelita Rachman
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Graduated from Binus School of Design majoring New Media in 2012.

Portfolio Concept:

Chocolate:ology is a complete book about chocolate with attractive visuals, explores the history and science, the common myths about it. This book reveals the fact that chocolate is not just sweets but has a million benefits. With a visually appealing hoped readers would well informed and can enjoy it without guilt.

Background: Chocolate is a food that popular, useful., And Indonesia is the 3 largest producer in the world.

Problem: Myth poorly developed, low levels of consumption in the country, and the lack of educational media chocolate

Big idea: To be the first book in Indonesia that contents everything about chocolate, photography and illustrations are visually attractive, modern, fun, and full of education.

Objective: Changing the mindset of people about chocolate by providing an exciting educational media.