Agustine Putri Mintardjo – The Save The Earth Animation

Agustine Putri Mintardjo
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She describe herself as creative, communicative, open-minded.. Graduated from Binus School of Design majoring Animation in 2012.

Portfolio Concept : 

An e-learning 3D animation, teaches about how getting a good habit to save energy in the most simple ways. Hosted by narrator that can interact directly with Nara, a cute girl, Nara will guide how to save our Earth’s resources in the most easy, that even a child can do it.

With the guidance of the narrator, Nara teach good habits to save energy. These include, among others, turn off the lights during the day to save on electricity, raise the temperature of air conditioners, turn off electrical appliances that are not in use and also not to open the refrigerator too long.

And at the end of the story, the narrator invites the audience to apply this good habits everyday.